October 25, 2015 ​Making Content Memorable with Dr. Carmen Simon

[A]'s Cruce Saunders interviews Executive Coach and Co-Founder of REXI Media, Dr. Carmen Simon. Dr. Carmen explains the potential impact content can make on the memory of our customers. She shares strategies, such as the forgetting curve and the importance of following attention, memory, and decision making guidelines, to authoring more memorable content. Bios: Dr. Carmen Simon is changing how the world presents. Her ability to empower presenters is based on unique scientific research, and an unmatched understanding of both in-person and virtual environments. As the co-founder of Rexi Media, creator of Presenter Pro (#1 business app, 2008), the holder of a double doctorate in information technology and cognitive psychology, and former lead of AT&T’s learning and development program, Dr. Simon has built her career helping employees at America’s most visible brands craft their own compelling stories. A recognized expert and published author in human psyche, presentation delivery and audience engagement, Carmen is a sought-after keynote speaker who reveals the secrets of getting your message not just heard, but remembered. Cruce Saunders is the founder and principal consultant at [A] and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World. Cruce and his team lead large-scale content engineering engagements in close partnership with agencies and institutional clients. [A] delivers content engineering, CMS implementation, infrastructure, and personalization for complex digital properties. [A] trains the content engineering function into organizations, and enables cross-functional project operations. Cruce has directed upwards of 300 large digital development projects since 1999, including large government, healthcare, education, association, non-profit, and enterprise institutions.For more information contact simplea.com or follow Cruce at @mrcruce or [A] at @simpleateam on Twitter.